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 rrrrr future

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PostSubject: rrrrr future   Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:16 pm

i see, you have to sign up over my banners or refids on several buxes
then you become my referral and my referrer .....

i need not any of your activity, just use my usernames and your passwords
that way you are paid as my referrer .... i will calculate my clicks and pay you my referral earning commission
as my referrer and my referral you are registered and you will click the grids (i suppose)
where i pay you every possible click on grid field in value of $0.0005 for a click
that way we have ads, grids, ptsu involved .... and a small job we can do by creating of a new common facebook account
 geek geek 
common account means: we share password (i compose), username (i compose) and email (your choice)
here in forum so that we all can participate in it ....
 queen  queen 

yes, that might be the way of our reciprocal registering referral referrer relation
 king  king 
that can be our rrrrr for the future
 farao  farao 
so we go beyond exchange, you just sign up, and you become my referrer (referral, technically)
 Basketball  Basketball 
mini job of creating fb account we can do in the course of our communicating and contacting
 afro  afro 
my ema is: zizikan@gmail.com if you want to ask or say something .... thanks, zikalkis
 lol!  flower  flower  flower  flower  lol!
 flower flower 

 flower flower 
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rrrrr future
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