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 utc ptc solved

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PostSubject: utc ptc solved   Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:28 pm

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yes ..... finally, we have an information on vapbux: Your advertisement clicks reset at: 00:00 UTC. The current server time: 10:45:36 UTC
yes .... list that i am running now is about 64 sites .... but you can choose slowly one by one
then, gradually go up as you wish ....
i do the same ..... i've just signed up at clickview .... they have not banner bbc so: 
see, i am using all n&n (numerology and nameology) names as usernames .... so, you can use them as you wish, too
if, they coincide, well, you just add 64 or 73 or 83 or 6464 or 424 and so on, to have rounded sum ....
i tried only one ... as such: burasan64 .... at a bux ...
my conditions are loose but lucrative and interesting .... use my usernames, use your passwords ....
i pay you as if you are my referrer though you signed up as my referral ..... lol .... just inverted ....
i need not any of your activity .... my aim is reciprocity .... lol
i pay every your possible click on any grid in the site that you are my referral (referrer) .....
we can calculate it according to the situation, here in topics of this forum ...
what we are doing is just upgrading exchange into reciprocity .... universally .....
if you have problem with public activity, then my e-mail address is zizikan@gmail.com
but i have to operate on this forum, public networking, (as long as it is affordable) to be provident ....
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utc ptc solved
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