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 usernames refer referrers money

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PostSubject: usernames refer referrers money   Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:36 pm

i have some experience ... on oneneworld with dogs .... i asked $7 payout but, then hahahahaha, minimum was $7
... then they answered: okay but maxinum is $7 (per day) ... then eventually .... they wrote this condition:  
"You do not have enough funds in your account to complete this operation. Your minimum cashout is $1000.00!"
lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!
but .... i like that bux with dogs .... and skipping that old man .... it is a challenging site ... !
so i work still on it as if i go to 1000 or just following my intuition and my learning practice .... !
it is not to work this industry if you are not with an additional reason or purpose .... idea or aim .... !
i found buxes okay for my new names and activity that keeps me in all the time .... so join my quest to be in ... ! farao
i am working on 100 buxes and 20 i suspended 2 suspended myself .... i invite all to signup with my usernames and thus become my referrer ...
yeah ... that is best possible .... just and right .... motive to do clixing ... money is just a side effect .....
.... or money is not a main motive as reciprocity and usernames are .... so, prepare your passwords and choose my usenames and sign up ...
.... work when you like and if you want .... but you are my referrer ever since you sign up to my site over my banner by using my usernames ...
.... stop wasting time in 88bux, neatclix and 88clix it is going to close next month ....
now the sites are opened because when we click the amount will go to admin account after 1 month that all 3 sites gonna close
so before that stop wasting time in that 3 sites .... my sources told me ....
but i have to go to the end though the admin will take the money .... i will take the glory .... we'd not be as some buxers are ..
we are clixers  ..... we give up for the honor, not for the money .... yeah ... some ideals wont harm us ...

sunny bye ..... zikalkis
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usernames refer referrers money
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