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PostSubject: homesweethomebux   Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:45 pm

yes thanks .... hi ....
internet protocol .... ip is not my personal computer but provider's connection ...
i teach myself still .... so sweethomebux allows us 5 accounts over one ip ...
while goldrush, adsglobe, cofee etc allow us only 1 acc per 1 ip (they say they believe we need not second or third ... nhhh)
so be it .... i followed allowance of sweethome and created 5 accounts as they permit ...:




then i went through other faqs to see what they say about ips and accs .... so far none permits over 1 acc on 1 ip ...
thus, i sent message to the support team of ads-globe ....:
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hi .... please .... unregister me .... i was experimenting and exploring and discovered that i am on same IP as second account .... namely, i borrowed second computer which is on the same IP as my computer.... so is it, i worked on both computers, but, i see i may lose even this one account .... hahaha .... and i am with 5 accounts on sweethomebux (Members can have up to 5 accounts per member or IP or Household) .... i went to read your faq and saw that you don't allow more than 1 account on 1 IP .... i will try to discover also, what is the reason for it .... you limit clixers to work .... i think you can let us workers to go to 10 accounts on 1 IP .... nhhh ... hnnn ..... you do against your interests .... i had same problem on other internet industries, but, they answered me, all across internet board, that they can not allow workers because cheaters will profit it (false protection).... so at betting as at buxing .... hnnn .... i feel like i am not allowed to work but i must be exploited .... unregister option i will find (sign down) .... thanks .... zikalkis (aka brendon flanegam)
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