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PostSubject: 100daysfiatclixingFIRSTaddfunds   Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:29 pm

yes .... hi .... see .... honest and reliable clixer i am ....
god the beginner .... nhhh .... i worked 100 days optimally and normally ....
all sites and buxes i could reach .... i have been teaching myself this fiat buxing industry ....
so i said today i go add funds if only i could do it .... i used sweethomebux lolingera4 ....
it is my 5th acc on shb ....
i tried perfect money but failed as $2 is minimum and i have available balance (ab) 1.76$ ..
okay i go egopay .... no way, only 1.86$ ab .....wow ... after 100 days .... nothing bad ...
i enter payza ... oh yes ab is 2.3$ .... i added it ... i have done ... the first add funds ...
yeah .... buxing industry is not giving but taking your time and your money to refund it ... good so ..
take care, they aim to cut our hands that feed them .... yeah, the epitome of the human inversion ...
okay .... at rrrrrr i stay .... if you come to shb over my banners ... then you can use any my usernames,
say, lolingeri, lolingeri1, lolingeri2, lolingeri3, lolingeri4 ..... thus you are on a good bux and in my rrrrr code ...
lol .... you can create all 5 accounts at shb on one email or 5 different email addresses .. that is irrelevant ...
but same money processors to use all over
i am so excited due to my first add funds, 100 days to jump over $2 ....

i am slowly experiencing the rented referrals, as there are different prizes for them and different periods ....
but, in all cases this is becoming very interesting for me .... discovering the new buxes and joining them ...
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