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 life can be much more correct

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PostSubject: life can be much more correct   Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:04 am


looks to me that it can run only as a scam .... the source of the money is in crediting .... you can not earn it
if you earn they can not pay you ... paying sites are with only few cents ... obama or queen or oprah have to
start a bux for us ... if not we will wait zikalkis to create a bux-site for all universally .... not only for upgraders ..
i am working ... earning and paying is not my priority .... buxes want to earn external money ....
they may ask subsidies from un or national states .... we, jobless can not provide them earnings ...
... what ever it is ... climate is warming and civilisation is worming ....
.... neobux butchering and ojooo,s worms are everywhere ...
so help us divine exo-entity ...
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life can be much more correct
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