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 i am going to upgrade on coffeebux after 9 monts

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PostSubject: i am going to upgrade on coffeebux after 9 monts   Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:51 am

hi .... peers and members .... !
... my first upgrade was to babyowl on owlbux (after 6 mths clicking).... for 1$ from pb .... okay ..
... next was from pb too, on eaglesbux ..... wow ... now i rent there 100 000 rr .--- hahaha .... lol ...
.... now i wait on btc-e for 3, days as a new member, to try to send $10 to pm and finally to coffeebux ...
... i have earned $10 on pokres free rolls in cryptocurrency and converted it into fiat money on btc-e.com
... you see, it is my first significant upgrade, after intensively extensive clicking on all buxes for 9 months ....
... lol ... hahaha, i couldn't earn (be paid) 10$ in all ptc industry in 9 mth on all buxes, i am pending on all sites ...
.... so, that is the difference, we can earn but nobody pays us, when they see $3 request po they lock the shop ...
... okay, okay, ... ptc is interesting and shows us the state of this civilisation ..... we, the clickers will prevail ...
.... yes ... earn money .... then buy it ... see, we have to buy our earnings ...
what we need is a source of money .... buxes are here to earn themselves ....
.... we have to earn outside of the ptc industry, then invest in ptc over upgrade or renting ..
.... i am working 9 months on all buxes that i can reach .. lol ... i am paid $6 .... 3*2$ ....
.... when i open bux for you .... it will be with software payout (monthly) without admin ...
i am brendon (aka zikalkis, aka witsie) .... skype: zikalkis (skayovo) ....
i have completed my univesalism paradigm so i have time to click ....
i am on all buxes that i can reach .... fine job .... you can join me over ems or goodoolz ....
i explore universalism (for start, we create the new names together, on skype and buxes)
and we can experiment various relationships on buxing industry, over skype contacts ....
when we do so, then you become my referrer and my referral, provided that you use by me created usernames,
if you want to rent more than the limits are, apply to me, we can arrange so that you use my limitation span .... lol
all my signups are on http://www.emoneyspace.com/brendon and/or http://referralhunter.forumotion.com/
.... forum is okay, but skype is more acute and more actual .... so, search: zikalkis (skayovo), be free to request the contact
of course; italiano, french, spanish and german languages are welcome too .... but we need english for universalism ... right
zik zik ziqa ziqa ziii .... rrrrr ....!
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i am going to upgrade on coffeebux after 9 monts
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