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 try to test

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PostSubject: try to test   Tue Mar 03, 2015 4:12 am


hi .... i like binarybux over all other sites .... it pays me once .... but then pause 111 days .... sweethomebux was the goodiest, but they died off ... pity ....but, never mind i stay on binary as my 2. bux after clixrush .... today i will buy a new share of $5 on rush ....
... nhhh i see that buxes are not to earn for clickers but for buxers .... i earned on poker to bring money to ptc (add funds), as they wish ....
.... poker is exciting but ptc is interesting .... since, mostly, buxers are perfide and morbide (last they did they had scalped a boy at brainy network) .... that we shall correct in the Universal Bux .... (maybe we call it Bux Funtepoz (funtepoz is a name i created for the universalized planet earth)) ....
coffeebux was and might be best for me but they go pending too, over 7 days (maybe all month that i am upgraded) and, moreover, you can not request second time after 7 days as they offered .... lol ... hahaha .... you give 20 pb for 10 af .... good .... but haha, what to do with pb, run pending ... okay .... as my way, on binary i stay .... if you do not pay me i will pay you ... as i do with eaglesbux ....
nhhh .... conix, binary, eagles say: no privilege for you to go forum ... hnnn .....
since i am teaching myself all this ptc industry, i shall try to extract a yield from buxproof, which asks 130%, ..... that comes to proofs .... hahahaha .... they are mostly paymentproof and render us not proof of payment (which they ask from us to submit) .... i hope we shall correct it at universal bux (if we ever did it) ..... !!!!
more on skype: zikalkis (skayovo) .... try to test this way of buxing
namely, we, the clickers, we make the bux .... and run it online .... cy
zik zik ziqa ziqa ziiiiiiiiiiiii ......
flower lol! lol! flower
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try to test
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