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 lists of call referrals

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PostSubject: lists of call referrals   Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:55 pm

i want to ask you to make us a topic in exchange, a list of your favorites 10 buxes
then we shall enter in your referrals area as you referrers if we have free signup
i was contemplating to make such a list but i have not yet any bux in view (of 550)
so you could register with using myusername and adding yourusername as followup
okay i will start with my first favorite bux (though they say doesn't pay) i enjoy to work:
and you add your refid, something like this
http :///www.clixrush.com /?ref=clingoneru64 .... aka ace
http :///www.clixrush.com /?ref=basenga .... aka jothi
http :///www.clixrush.com /?ref=kaorio ... aka artista
etc .....
sure, you do the same, expose your most wanted sites for referrals so we can check and enter
use edit to delete or to add new site with some descriptions about the site, that way we'll have
a referral team that is ready to enter in various tries and relations about referring in online jobs
next topic i will open with the name "seasons" where you can join testing game as real virtuality
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lists of call referrals
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