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 (((SEO Sprint)))

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PostSubject: (((SEO Sprint)))   Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:08 am

Cool Hello friends, I have an offer that maybe you will like and of course, a little more profit.
The offer is SeoSprint.
TOP is a Russian site. Serious website that has great options
both earn some money, how much has the best prices for the dissemination of their websites or banners.

Being rubles Russian currency, it becomes cheaper to advertise.
SeoSprint has over 6000 hits from real people, both in Great Russia, as for the whole planet.

Some advantages:
The site is complete, I can say that a world, a different city!
Besides you earn: PTC Clicks infinite, simply refresh the page
F5 and no more ads! Paid cards, mini-job, etc. .. you can
still sell their references, talk in real time with them, you can buy
these fixed! Free Thursday, contests costruir! List of persons and payments in real time!
You have a variety of options!

Payments and withdrawals:
PerfectMoney rublues $ 3 = $ 0.8 in 5 seconds.
Webmoney 2 rubles / 5 seconds.
AlertPay = 36 rubles / 5 seconds.

(1 site 5 rubles) = 1000 views 9-30 seconds, you choose.
(1 Flag 5 rubles) ending credits go clicks! Different set of many sites
out there that charge very high to only see your banner.
SeoSprint will charge per click and not by sight.

Tongue Note: Do not limit yourself just because of a language.
My language is Portuguese, I do not know Russian,
but can use 85% of the site with the translator of google chrome.

When you register, you can go through a question, but as I said before,
little patience and help from google translator. After all, everything that is good is not easy.
In their language, look in youtub, Among SeoSprint example,
surely there will be someone in your Idoma explaining this.

- Clicks: Clicks Mimino 4 and maximum of 8 clicks for both sites.
Inactivity? We all know that there are problems! Both conoscos or our
computers, etc. internert. But eight days inactive, no satisfaction = Cancellation of our agreement.

- Saturdays and free Sundays? You pick it!
After all, we are here to make money and have fun!
Samos not slaves of any human or machine! = D

- I did not like the site, I can give? Yup!

Who wants to know SeoSprint will realize that many famous PTC become slaves
you and me for a measly cents.

http://www.seosprint.net/?ref=5855209     :smug:

Video help registration:

Thank you friends! I hope you enjoy it and we can work together in
something fairer, faster withdrawals, transparency in work and play! Good luck to all ... and PM me!   :thumbsup:

If there is someone you know and SeoSprint want commenting here, please make yourself at home!   :high5:
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(((SEO Sprint)))
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