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  a historical ultra token

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PostSubject: a historical ultra token   Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:35 am

We are 3.4 km from Poljud stadium and/or downtown center. Regular buses (5km) at €1.4 are in bus-zone 1.
We are new in this camping and hostel industry! But the intuition and the providence has shown us to do it.
We own a tennis club with two tennis courts & a gym. So we decided to expand it with a hostel & a camping.
Split town is a transit center and needs a cheap transient camping and transitory hostel at a convenient site.
So, we had entered to Airbnb deals and we were surprised that all people ask for the same date, 11.07.2015.
"Ultra Europe", is our very test of how many people we can accommodate and can we show our hospitality.
Thus, we have to prepare a lot of places and spaces to accommodate you all as participants, that we could.
We have included our private house for this special occasion with Ultra. I hope we can host well 100 guests.
We provide you with rooms, linen, blankets, tents, bags, lockers, toilets, showers, cooker, fridge, (€10pnpp).
After the ultra is over we will turn to the transit camping, the transient hostel and the provident tennis camp.
An opportunity for any neglected tennis talent ( or any other talents ) from all around the world that we find.
We shall offer them free accommodations and trainings ( providentially ) in our tennis camp with no charge.
It'll be a permanent refugee camp for any discontent talent or destiny of the people in a need & desperation.
A Destiny Destination! "If you feel some hurdles or obstacles for your talent, come to Destiny Destination!".
We are now at 25 accepted booked reservations (25/100), lol, progress is in sight, wow. I hope to fill it in due time.
Canada, australia, britain, netherlands, switzerland, brazil, france, spain, usa, argentina, italy, etc .....
Benoit, andoni, joss, severin, paulien, gustavo, caio, zik, jin, jo, jake, gonzalo, estrella, benton, etc ....
The boss is jo (ivica). He has facilities & amenities, lists & sites, viber & paypal. An all-around-man. Plumber, etc.
I am zik (zikalkis). I have this computer. I'm answering your messages. I can be a good locker-man. An exo-entity.
Who is jin? We don't know yet (neno, ivan, dana, sanja, josip or any newbie). Pretend to be your concierge-spirit.
Jo is reluctant to talk english but I hope that he might understand all your needs that you can ask for at your stay.
Zinfandel is abut to come with you as a kind of a historical ultra token, a tip for your trip & tip for me!. Lol!. Wow.
Historical token can be understood as the collection of means for the fulcrum of the liberty statue in usa.!!!!
Zik, Jin and Jo .... !.
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PostSubject: Re: a historical ultra token   Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:28 pm

i see, ...haha .... ther was another hitorical token:
namely, again in usa, the national state of usa federation had not paid its share to un
so, people felt ashamed, and started to collect means to pay their contribution to un
haha .... i hear that usa owes still to united nations, though i can not believe it .. lol
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PostSubject: another historical token   Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:36 pm

yeah .... there was another historical token ... i suppose
... it was when gandhi and indhians went down to sea shore to make salt
my humble memory ...
hi ... zik ... we go from scratch with our game ... faps&taps
i persist with my number as user: 000064 ..... lol ... byeeee
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PostSubject: Re: a historical ultra token   

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a historical ultra token
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