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 here we go with a new topic

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PostSubject: here we go with a new topic   Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:46 pm

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hi .. yeah ... today the day maybe more luck ...
my conclusion for the solution is the fact that we have to try to find a high roller who will slice for us (group, community), we insure his stake (bet, risk), he does it any time but near full hour and announcing it in the chat so we all can watch what happen with that risk and cheer or be sad .... so, he bet 0.050 btc, <93.8, to target 0.0028... that is slicing .... he wins and sends to our account 17NhWcPYvsCPHCYeWBVbVznCYuKm2P72L3 0.0022 btc ... we bet sports and start 2 betting lines ... 1 2 4 8 16 and far we can go 1024 ...
if high roller loses, we have insured his risk and record it as for example: ryepuyz 050, which means that he has credit od 50 mb (0.050 btc) at our community ... we shall refund it with first our big win on sports-betting .... so high roller can not ask his money any time, we will send him soon we can do it ... thus it could be a list as such: btcsniper 550, ryeypuz 750, pinglint 1000 ... etc ... they could get their money in few days or in few years ... records and sports-bettings are recorded here: http://zikalkiszik.blogspot.hr/ ... now, at sports-betting on my method we do the same: we insure bets of all bettors ... so, we accumulate accounts and pay it when someone wins enough for to afford it .... thus "we bet and roll all for all" .. lol .... lol .
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here we go with a new topic
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