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 1Katoshi - 1katoshi.com

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PostSubject: 1Katoshi - 1katoshi.com   Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:27 am

Earn up to 30 satoshi on every 3 minutes!!

Payment Bitcoin Wallet min 0.0001 BTC
FaucetHub min. 0.00000300 BTC instant!

By inviting users you can get up to 30% of their earnings!

Login every day to achieve bonus
Bonus increments every day you enjoy 1Katoshi, never stop logging in or you will lose your bonus multiplier

1KATOSHI - Earn free Bitcoins every 3 minutes

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Posts : 669
Join date : 2015-02-08

PostSubject: Re: 1Katoshi - 1katoshi.com   Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:42 am

1Katoshi now supports FaucetHub
Now you can ask your withdrawal on 1Katoshi through FaucetHub.
FaucetHub withdrawal is the fastest one, your withdrawal request will be automatically processed in few minutes after you sent it.

FaucetHub Details

Withdraw Threshold: 300 satoshi ( 0.00000300 Btc )
Processing Time: 1 minute

Claim up to 10 times per day!

Admin decreased waiting time between claims to 3 minutes and increased daily claim limit to 10 claims / day!

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1Katoshi - 1katoshi.com
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