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 Need referrals - One of the best PTC - pay everyday --- Coin Generation

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PostSubject: Need referrals - One of the best PTC - pay everyday --- Coin Generation   Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:53 am

Digital Generation - Make money by having your pc on. – free 30 day trial
Digital Generation is a new website where you can earn just by leaving your pc turned on!

It works with threads. In first month you will get one free thread. For that thread you will earn 1$ each day - 30$ at the end of the month.
A good Computer is able to handle a good 100 Threads.

After that month if you are satisfied you can start buying threads and you can use those 30$ free from the first month!

Each thread costs 50$ but thread lifetime is 12 months, so you pay 50$ and earn 30$ Month with those 50$ -
30$*12Months=360$ 360$-20$(First Purchase ; 50$ - 30$ Free)=340$

If you want to join register here: http://coingeneration.com/auth/new/125928/

IMPORTANT - Instructions:

- After register read your email for instructions.

- After register Do the phone verification. Just put your number in profile. When you receive the sms you have to reply to the same number with the same content ( Content with 5 Numbers)

- While you are waiting for the SMS, download and install the program - IF you can't verify the phone number send a ticket to Manual Verification!.

- RUN the program

- Send a Ticket to Trial Department asking for the Trial Thread! - IMPORTANT!

About the threads:

Thread will be activated when other user finishes his Trial Thread. There are few threads available in contrast with the number of daily registrations. So new trial threads will only be release when older members finish those trials threads.

So don't worry you will get your trial thread but it follows line of order.

JOIN FREE ! http://coingeneration.com/auth/new/125928/
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Need referrals - One of the best PTC - pay everyday --- Coin Generation
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